Ready Set Goal : Reformer Splits

I think I can … I know I can … I think I can!


:: Top: lululemon, old (but similar here), Pants: lululemon, Groove ::

When I was little, before I broke my left leg twice … long story, I could do the splits standing up while holding a playground ball on top of my head with one foot. Now, not so much but I'm bound and determined to try!

When I used to think about my fitness goals the last thing that came to mind was flexibility, I just didn't really see much of a need for it beyond the basic toe touch and you're done. Now after observing my clients and my own body more carefully I can really see how being mobile can really make you stronger. If you have super tight muscles that will cause you to fatigue faster in a strength workout. Being bendy can help improve your overall strength and conditioning in so many ways. Not to mention it just feels good to stretch it out!

Doing the splits again is on my summer fitness bucket list. Here's hoping once I get there I can get back up!

Christie Preston