Manduka aka the Maserati of Yoga Mats

For the longest time I practiced yoga and Pilates at home on a mat that cost $9.99. I was slipping and sliding all over the place - I did not know the difference a great mat could make!

download (9).jpeg

Manduka sent me their eKO mat last year and I have absolutely LOVED it. The grippy surface has lasted well through almost daily use and the foam feels like a mini mattress. After switching my mat up I now know what I was missing! 

This year I got the chance to try out their PRO mat and it is great also. This mat is massive, which I love at home but it's just a little bit too big to lug around from class to class. This mat also needs a towel to stop me from slipping. I love the yogitoes waterfallversion, it makes me feel like I'm working out right on water! 

If I HAD to choose between the two mats I would pick the eKO mat. I think it's the most versatile of the two and it is nice to know that it's eco friendly! You really can't go wrong though, if you're looking for a bigger mat then the PRO is the way to go. This company is known in the yoga world as being the Maserati of the yoga mat and I can totally see why. Thank you Manduka for upping my mat game ... now if I could only find a mat that automatically did all the work for me!

Christie Preston