Hot Minute Workout


Time: 12 minutes

Level: 2-3

Equipment: Bodyweight + interval timer

Type: Plyometric High Intensity Interval Challenge

Body Part Focus: Legs and chest


Set your watch timers to one minute rounds. If you just have a normal watch or a cellphone clock that will work fine too you will just need to watch it carefully.

In one minute complete: 5 stride jumps, 5 push-ups, 5 jump squats and 5 alternating jump lunges. Your rest is however much time you have left in the minute. Repeat 12x.

Bonus: If this is really easy for you please add on 1 rep to everything. If that's still easy try to increase to 7 reps and so on. You want at least 10 seconds rest every round.

Modifications: If 5 reps is too much of a challenge today no problem! You can work up to it! Start at 4 reps or 3 reps of this workout then the next time you come back to it see if you can add one more! Good luck and let me know how it goes!


Stride Jumps


And repeat for a total of 5 reps. Keep your core tight and jump both legs back and in at the same speed.



Jump Squats

Jump Lunges


This workout targets your leg muscles big time! I love how much leaner my legs started looking when I added plyometrics to my weekly routine. Really all plyometrics are is just a fancy term for jump training. When you jump your legs land in an eccentric (lengthened) muscle contraction which helps promote a long and lean result! The added cardio challenge of this workout will also leave a lasting fat burn after effect.

If you can get a warm-up in beforehand that would be great! Here's one if you're looking for ideas.

Christie Preston