Fuel Training Club : Gym Crush!

Last week I was invited by my Lululemon buddies to check out Fuel Training Club, a brand new boutique fitness studio downtown. Having heard amazing things I was super excited try a class!

:: Trying out their curve treadmill ::

I brought Matt along for the journey and we made the mistake of thinking we would be able to bike home after - rookie error! We met up with our friend Christina, an elite competitive rower and got down to business. There were only three other girls in the class so it felt like a personal training session with a little extra motivation. 

We started the workout with dynamic stretches, foam roller stuff and light band mobility work. After 25 minutes of that I was thinking we would be in for an easy-ish workout because what else could we possibly do in the next 25 minutes that could kill us?! I was wrong!

We then went over the classic runner's warm-up of ABC drills but Greg had a new take on the proper mechanics of those drills and it was fascinating. For someone who has done those same drills about 500 times it was refreshing to get some new perspective on them. I also appreciated Greg's keen technical eye, he pointed out that year's of Matt's tight goalie bum affected the way he carries his legs in jumping and running. It was neat to watch and learn that. By the end of the drill section we were all dripping sweat. More like raining sweat actually!

Then came the KILL – four sets of 20 reps of three different types of jumps: straight jumps, tuck jumps (knees to chest) and super mario jumps. My legs stopped working after set one! Jumping beside Matt and Christina was also inspiring, those two can jump like nobody's business! 

Then came the cherry on top, the actual workout: eight minutes of lunges and renegade rows. We finished with some light stretches and finally peeled ourselves off the floor. 

That workout was on Wednesday and I couldn't walk again until Saturday! I LOVED it!! It takes a lot to get me sore now, I seriously haven't had a workout that difficult in months. It felt like legs for days … or maybe even worse.

:: Christina (rowing superstar), Greg (owner of Fuel Training Club and ex-CFL athlete), me ::

Fuel is a breath of fresh air in the gym world! Greg is extremely knowledgeable in fitness, I learned about eight new things in just one class. The environment is friendly yet you still get a super high intensity workout in. I can't wait to get back to my next class with the Fuel team! 

If you live or work downtown or if you're looking for a high quality workout in Toronto look no further than Fuel. Hopefully I'll see you there sometime!

For more information about Fuel visit them online here. Your first workout is free so you've got nothing to lose … except maybe the use of your legs for a couple of days!!

Christie Preston