Athletes of the Month: Michael and Hannah

When I think of these two one word comes to mind: STRONG!

:: Michael and Hannah ::

5:40 am sharp I meet with this father daughter duo twice a week for super intense workout sessions. They never miss. Ever! I love that. Just one of the many reasons why they've been successful in their workouts and beyond!

Hannah and Michael totally deserve this award because they are such hard workers, they never say no and are always willing to try whatever crazy thing I have dreamed up for them. And to boot they are really fun and cute together! A trainer's dream duo! 

Michael and I have been training together for three years - Hannah joined in this fall and has been an awesome addition. She keeps her Dad on his toes!! I can always count on Hannah to let us know when Michael might not have perfect form! Although, at the hill sprints last week Michael did finally beat Hannah! A feat I'm sure she will be reminded of for years to come!! 

Hannah starts a new job next week and I know we are going to miss her big time! We will have to Skype you in at your desk!

Congratulations to Hannah and Michael - You rock!



1. What do you like most about the workouts?

Michael (M): I love the intensity of them, and I love that over the past three years I don't recall ever doing the same workout twice. And I love that Christie makes me laugh, we have fun!

Hannah (H): I love that we're always doing something new - I don't think we've ever done the same workout twice! Christie always keeps it fun and exciting (and extremely challenging!).

2. WHAT Is your favourite exercise?

M: Christie's legs for days workout is my favourite - although my legs might disagree!

H: I like using the TRX - it's fun and Christie always has  anew (crazy) way to use it!

3. Least favourite exercise?

M: Burpees.

H: Hill sprints ... probably because I had to watch my 56 year old father beat me.

4. You get us so early in the morning to workout!! Any tips for those who struggle with that?

H: Find a trainer like Christie! I've never met someone who has so much energy and enthusiasm at 5:30 AM. Also a solid workout buddy who is counting on you to be there is key.

M: Make it a habit, and go to bed early. Discovery of your mornings is eye opening.

5. What is in your post workout shake?

M: This serves 3: 9 ice cubes, a veggie and fruit pre-chopped mixture, spinach, two scoops of protein powder, half cup almond milk, half cup POM juice, a shot of liquid ginger - it's delicious!

6. What is the best thing about having a workout buddy? Especially a family member?

M: Hannah motivates me so much. She is just awesome!! And, she lets me win every now and then.

H: The motivation factor for sure. And, having a family member is even better because it gives me something to brag about at the dinner table!

Christie Preston