Athlete of the Month: Kyle Salive

I have had the pleasure of training Kyle for over two years now. Kyle always is the first to arrive for his class and he brings it every single time, I love him for it. Over the past few months in particular I've been lucky to witness Kyle's fitness level really take off. The man can jump! Hard work, dedication and all the while smiling through the shaky pain I put him through. Any class Kyle comes to he kicks the volume up a notch. Congrats Kyle! You totally deserve this.

:: It's Bolt, no it's Kyle Salive aka Bod Squad Athlete of the Month ::

You've been a Bod Squader for over two years now! What keeps you coming back?

I love bod squad because of Christie Preston. She has a way of motivating you that isn't at all pushy or aggressive. More like she wants you to succeed because she knows you can. There is no other outcome in her mind. Also ask and you shall receive. Wanna work out your arms? Christie will come to your next class with some insane ring swing, upside down, ball, backflip, cardio, jump, combination that you would never, ever attempt, let alone be able to conceive, on your own. 
I also honestly have never, ever done the same workout twice at Bod Squad. I love the variety and the new ideas Christie brings to the table every single class. It kind of blows my mind!

How has Bod Squad changed you? Body, mind and spirit haha!!

Bod squad has changed my mindset towards working out from "This sucks" to "I wonder how many of those I can do". It's like a game and it's fun and everyone in your class will laugh their way through every step with you.

Any advice for Bod Squad newbies?

Don't ever say no. If Christie asks you to do something you have to believe she knows you can. Your only block is you. 

:: Just fyi this box is about 4 ft tall, I'm working on getting a bigger one for you Kyle! ::

Favourite workout song?

Kanye West – Stronger

Favourite place to get workout gear?

I've heard from some close personal friends of mine that lululemon is a fantastic place to get clothes for sweaty workouts. 

And because you're so stylish, favourite place to get non-sweaty gear?

I am a sucker for Club Monaco. Who doesn't want to look like a Kennedy?

Ideal Date?

I don't even care where we go (but it'll probably be somewhere with great, weird food) just please be hilarious. Good humour is the most important thing.

Fun Fact:

I have Canadian and European citizenship. Guess what country. It rhymes with shmortugal.

Christie Preston