Athlete of the Month: Kim Regan

Kim is a super Bod Squad keener and I LOVE it!

I don't think I have ever seen Kim frown. Ever! She approaches every single workout with such positivity and determination. No matter what Kim gives 1000% to the workouts and it shows. Kim is now pretty much stronger than I am and could probably start a workout group of her own! She is a delight to train. It is so clear that she loves the workouts and I know she makes every group better by just having her smile in class. And she knows how to work her core too!

Congratulations Kim! This is long overdue! Thanks for being such a superstar.

What attracted you to Bod Squad in the first place?

I was really in a rut with my workouts and was sick of doing the same gym routine. I knew Christie was a champ since high school and had heard amazing things about Bod Squad, so I signed up and was hooked right away. I knew I needed someone that could push me harder than I was pushing myself.

You've been at this for almost a year now! Have you noticed any changes in your fitness level?

Absolutely. I remember the first outdoor class, doing a lap around the park as a warm-up winded me and I had no idea how I could keep going for the rest of the workout. Pretty sure I had to stop and rest after each exercise. Not only has my cardio improved a ton, I feel stronger, healthier and in much better shape overall. I love that Christie tracks our progress with personal fitness goals and measurements—it makes it even easier to see results.

When you had to come just once a week last session because of work travel did you feel like a part of you was missing?!

I was in full-on Christie withdrawal, and it definitely showed in my fitness levels. It was a good lesson though, because I realized that I needed to make my workouts a priority or I would just keep making excuses. Even if I need to re-arrange my schedule, I need to commit to a routine and keep myself accountable.

… by the way Kim – you didn't miss a beat!

What is your favourite part of the workout?

I love not knowing what’s coming next. Just when I think the exercises can’t get any crazier, Christie demonstrates something that no normal person would or could ever come up with.

What makes Bod Squad unique?

Every workout is different and I don’t think we’ve ever done the same one twice! The small class size means Christie gives you one-on-one guidance and feedback, but the other Bod Squaders are hugely motivating too!

Advice you would give to a new Bod Squader or someone who was thinking about coming out?

Give it a shot! Christie has the ability to push you to your limit, without being intimidating or intense. You can take it at your own pace and everyone is extremely welcoming and supportive, regardless of your fitness level.

Favourite food?


Favourite exercise?

Anything but burpees

Favourite colour?


Your wish for Bod Squad's future?

Keep growing! I would love to one day see tons of class times/options, with the ability to drop-in on extra classes. And weekend classes! I need someone to force me to workout on a Saturday.

Christie Preston