Athlete of the Month: Kaylee Duncan

:: Kaylee with her boyfriend and fellow Bod Squader Eddie + Me and Kaylee after a tough class last night ::

Kaylee is not only one of the physically strongest people at Bod Squad and, as proven by her recent turn of evens she is also incredibly mentally strong.

After a really tough personal training session with me a few weeks back Kaylee had some trouble getting up the stairs and crashed down hard on her hand. Kaylee had a cast put on her wrist and the doctors said she could continue exercise as long as it didn't hurt her writs. Kaylee asked me if she could keep coming to Bod Squad. Of course I said yes! 

Kaylee now not only comes to class but she pushes harder than ever (which is pretty darn hard)! And does it all with a smile on her face. I am SO inspired by Kaylee's dedication and positive outlook. Anytime Kaylee can't do something she will just do jump squats or bicep curls, we make it work and she makes it awesome.

I think for most people a broken arm would equal stopping things like Bod Squad but Kaylee totally takes the high road. She figures that instead of sitting at home thinking about what she is missing she'd rather come, do what she can and not miss a beat the second that cast comes off. 

Kaylee, thank you for being a rockstar. You truly deserve this award and I'm proud to call you a Bod Squader.

Christie Preston