Athlete of the Month: Elaine

When I first heard the voice of Elaine Slater I was driving (bluetooth!) listening to my voicemail. I heard her request for a personal trainer and by the time I got home I decided that I couldn't take her on, my schedule was already overfilled and I was looking to add more classes. I gave her a call back to see if I could refer her to a friend of mine. When we connected I was absolutely shocked when I heard she was 89!

It's not everyday you meet an 89 year old looking for a personal trainer! I had to meet this lady. I was upfront and honest that I've only taken courses on how to train seniors... she would be my virgin voyage. Elaine agreed to put up with me and we scheduled her first session.

Her goals are simple but significant - she wants to maintain her independence, keep up with her adorable dog Tuxie  (a black mini Pomeranian with a white stripe down his chest) and build strength in her legs. I took out my old Kinesiology note books and started drawing up her plan. 

Every time I train with Elaine I learn something absolutely magical about the lady. For example, I mentioned Jane Fonda once, she knows her! After a few sessions I googled her to find out the real scoop on my shy determined client. Turns out she is a playwright and a novelist with an incredible and impressive history. Check out her website!

If there is a constant theme in Elaine's life it's that no matter what she's done she has always been a go-getter! When she moved from New York with her husband and young family to Toronto in the 1960s Elaine said she quickly grew tired of waiting at home for everyone to get back so she decided to start a needlepoint business. She opened a shop in Yorkville, in those days apparently it was a real hippie town, and with the knowledge of just one simple basic stitch she began teaching classes! I love that.

I try not to pick favourites with my clients but there's no question Elaine has won over a piece of my cold hard trainer heart. She's such a strong worker and a delight to be around. I am super proud to say that in our last session Elaine got in and out of a deep chair WITHOUT using her hands!!! YAYA!!! I am SO grateful she has come into my life and I can't wait until she gets back from Florida and we can get back to working out together. 

Christie Preston