12 Exercises of Christiemas

Once or twice a year I come up with workouts - like the 4x4 - that I know are going to be staples for years to come. 

The 12 Exercises of Christiemas is absolutely that kind of a workout.

:: Rest Less Pullover - lululemon, Emerge Renewed Crop - lululemon, Shoes - nike :: 

Last week I ran through this with my Bod Squad and some super fit clients. Finally this weekend I put myself though the full challenge. SO good!


You will need a set of hand weights (no lighter than 8lbs, I used 15 s, for guys no heavier than 25s)


1 Perfect Push-up
2 Shoulder Push-ups
3 Tuck Jumps
Inch Worms
Dive Bombers
Super star jump squats
7 Bicep Curls
Renegade Rows (per side, 16 total)
Bunny Hops (per side, 18 total)
10 Reverse Lunges (per side, 20 total)
11 Thrusters 
12 Burpees - the cherry on top!!

The order of these exercises is just like the song: 
1 push-up
2 shoulder push-ups, 1 push-up 
3 tuck jumps, 2 shoulder push-ups, 1 push-up
4 inchworms, 3 tuck jumps, 2 shoulder push-ups, 1 push-up

etc all the way to 12 burpees!

This workout is a toughie! It took me 24 minutes to complete but time really doesn't matter here - form is more important. Really be careful to use control through your core at all times.

I have to say this is WAY better to do in a group! If you're looking to become a Bod Squader this new year you're in LUCK!! I JUST opened sign-ups for 2015 classes and you can sign-up to come sweat with us right here! I'm excited to announce I've doubled my classes - so I really hope you will come! I have never felt more proud of the Bod Squad and I seriously can't wait to start up again in two weeks!! Hope to see you there!

Christie Preston