100 Burpees for Time

It's that time of year again!!

Time to bring on the burpees!!

The first time I did this workout I was in Thailand two years ago. My time was around 11 minutes. Check out this video of me doing them in the market square - kind of an awkward place to do a workout but got it done!

A note on new form: On the down chest must make full contact with the ground, and on the up your feet must leave the group and you must clap your hands together overhead EVERY rep. 

I re-tested my 100 burpees for time this morning and did them in 5:37! Woo hoo!! Matt unfortunately had me beat in 4:59 - but not for long!! I might have to try again tomorrow…

Try it out! Let me know your time in the comments below! Good luck!!

Christie Preston