Beauty and the Bod

For the
movers . shakers .
dreamers and doers.

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Should I go for it?


Strive for progress, not perfection. Because perfection is just annoying AF anyway.

We are always evolving.
Nothing is forever and we are all connected, there is no such thing as separation. No such thing as failure or a finish line.

So stop asking for permission in the form of advice.

The only goals that ever matter are:
Be a kind human.
Make mistakes and learn from them.
Be a badass … with a good ass.

Remember: this life is not a dress rehearsal.


AND, one last thing: remember who you are.



Coach . Creator .
Magic Maker .
Student . Teacher .
Freedom Preacher .

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“Christie has startling sense of wisdom and insight which she packages up in her 1000 megawatt smile. 
… Brace yourself for this wonder woman.”

— Jill Kantelberg