Tomato Revelation

Make these. Tonight. They. Are.


:: Typical stove top scene at our condo, slow roasting will rock your tomatoes world ::

I am NOT a normal tomato fan, I find them completely dull and I always leave them off normally but these are unreal. My mom made slow roasted tomatoes when I was little and back then they would blow my mind with flavour. Essentially you are faking sun-dried tomatoes and using the oven to do the roasting. You can buy these in the store but making your own taste so much better and they are way better for you. After 15 years of tomato avoidance I finally got around to making my first batch of slow-roasted on my own. Wow! 

Much to my delight these could not be easier to make:


10 vine tomatoes cut in half

2 tbsp olive oil

Pinch of salt


Cut tomato in half, sprinkle olive oil and a little bit of salt, oven 250F, leave in for 5 hours and then you're done!

What to do with them? Namely, anything! You can put them in salads, I love them with chicken, eat them plain for a snack – they are that good. These will keep for weeks in a tight jar with a little bit of oil.

Christie Preston