Cinnamon Oranges

Last week Matt and I had the pleasure of entertaining four awesome Australians on their first trip to Toronto! I love showing new people around the city, It's a great excuse for me to head down to areas I normally wouldn't go to like the St. Lawrence or the Distillery District.

One of the Australians, Tim, went to school for food science and he lived with Matt in England last year. Living with Tim really upped Matt's foodie cred and I've been eternally grateful to him for that! On their last night in Toronto Matt and I were invited back to their condo for dinner. I was so excited to have Tim's cooking!
Watching Tim cook feels like you've stepped inside the Food Network. I've honestly never witnessed someone so in love with food. It was so inspirational to see! The way he lovingly handled the vegetables, carefully inspecting each carrot for blemishes was just so mesmerizing to me. I could have sat him cut up vegetables for hours! And yes, he's single people!

After dinner we were treated to this delicious simple dessert – Oranges lightly sprinkled with cinnamon. It was delicious! The cinnamon really brought out the sweetness in the orange. Next time you have an orange try it! You won't be disappointed.


Generously sprinkle cinnamon over sliced oranges

So simple + delicious (and nutritious)

Christie Preston