Why did you move to Australia?

Adventure, incredible weather, the birds are pretty, some of my best friends on the planet live here, the food is amazing, everyone loves exercise and I’m in the ocean every single day.
After 30 years of hating winter and five years of struggling with serious seasonal depression I woke up one day in the middle of a Toronto April ice storm and promised myself - it was time to go. It hit me like, “Christie, you don’t have to put yourself through this.” I bought a one way ticket to Australia and here I am.

Are your pickles gluten free?

Of course.

What do you teach?

Good question! I am a certified personal trainer, Pilates mat, Pilates reformer, kettlebells, and yoga teacher! Right now I am just teaching Pilates reformer classes and loving it.

How did you get into fitness?

I always looked up to my parents - my dad specifically with their fitness routines. When I was little I would watch my Dad go out for his run and I was fascinated with what, why and where he was going. When I was 7 he finally let me tag along with him. I remember exactly what I wore for my first run - purple sweat shorts with a white tank top with a tiny purple butterfly logo. We walked/ran his whole 6 km loop and I was hooked!

What happened to this old post?

I transferred over a significant number of posts from my old website here. There were some that I left out because they are just too ridiculous and I’d rather just leave that past deep in the internet delete bank. If there is a recipe or a workout or just a post you remember and think it’s missing please let me know and I’ll see what I can dig up!

What is your favourite food?


Where did you go for coaching school?

I was trained at Co-Active Coach Training and Leadership Development - CTI, it’s the best!

What is your favourite colour?

Glitter sparkle. Glitter sparkle pink.

Who are your mentors?

In fitness…

I have SO many and they evolve over time. My initial fitness mentor and the Queen of the Pilates game is Paula, owner of Ultimate Athletics in Toronto. Her body is literally a statue, she’s top of her class and world class.
My first and still one of my favourite yoga teachers is my little brother Duncan. He is like a little Gandhi with his spiritual insights and PURE passion for all things yoga. He lives and breathes namaste and it vibrates off him. I love that he’s like 104 on the inside but 24 on the outside.
Yoga girl crush of all TIME is my friend Amica. There are Yoga Teachers and then there are Yoga Creatures. Amica to me is the definition of a yoga creature - there are things she can do with her body that I didn’t even know bodies could do! The most graceful, fluid, PERFECT mover I’ve ever seen - and I’ve seen my fair share. She’s even more beautiful on the inside too.

In life…

My family is pretty badass. My mom is the original boss lady and built Preston Human Capital Group with her own bare, hard working hands. My sister Linds is the person I know I can always call to hear the truth, non-sugar coated straight up truth. She’s a tough love little cookie with a heart of gold. And my dad is the glue that keeps us all together and somewhat sane with his Gestalt therapy training and general life wisdom, an old soul and the ultimate gentleman.

What happened to BOD studio?

The physical space at 2010 Yonge street has been taken over by Studio YYZ and they are great - they care so much about their tribe and it really shows.

Why did you stop writing Beauty and the BOD?

Originally my intention with this blog back in the stone age of 2011 was to generate my BODsquad business. When my business got going writing a blog everyday started to feel completely overwhelming. Independently from that, looking back now I know I went through a chapter that I struggled with depression and what once was a creative outlet slowly became a place where I felt way too over exposed.
I am so happy it’s back. I love writing, sharing and connecting with people.
The truth is I am an introverted introvert. Happiest being a little hermit. The blog stretches me outside my comfort zone and I’m grateful for that.