Shimmy Shake Sparkle Pants

I haven't taken these pants off since I bought them on black Friday.

:: Toque: blissed out, Leather Jacket: All Saints, Tank: cool racer back, Pants: jet crops, Booties: clarks ::

Seriously, I'm obsessed. When lululemon first came out with these jet set crops in the summer I passed them up, I initially thought that the style wouldn't look that good on me. The trouble was I tried them on and pulled them up around my ribcage so they looked like granny pants ... I totally love that but unfortunately that's not in Vogue at the moment. Now that I've been told to pull them down I know that they are the most comfortable things ever and really have a universally flattering shape. Perfect for to and from studio, or just relaxing at home, hosting casual dinner parties ... or even for bedtime! 

I am loving this sparkle print - so festive!! From far away these look like real sequins.

Truth be told it might be just a tad chilly to wear these outside for long periods of time in Toronto right now. Here's what this photo shoot really looked like between takes:

Double toque (thanks to roots) and sweater layer (from Aritiza) ... this is how Canada does "fall fashion"!

I love these pants and can't wait to wear them in the springtime full time. In the meantime they are perfect to throw over shorts after hot yoga or just on their own while I'm training clients. Love love love the sparkle pants! 

Christie Preston