Polar Vortex Preparation

I don't know about you guys but last year's polar vortex has me totally on edge about this coming winter.

Those freeze quakes were absolutely insane - especially if you lived in a condo. One particularly nippy Toronto -35 night we woke up to what sounded like our neighbours slamming down basketballs on top of our heads. "CHUNG - CHUNG" At first that's exactly what we thought they were doing. I almost when upstairs to ask them to be quiet! We decided it wasn't awful and if it happened again we would complain. Then the next morning we were told that the sound wasn't from basketballs it was from the pipes freezing and contracting inside the building because it was so freaking cold! It was wild and happened at least three more times!!

Since I'm absolutely not a winter person and one day hope to be lucky enough to escape Toronto's winters on a more regular basis I have decided that the only way to cope is to be absolutely dressed for the weather at all times.

I've already changed over all of our bedding to warm and fuzzy flannel now it's time to take a look at the winter wardrobe.


Chunky Cabin Toque (hat) - Roots
If this hat doesn't scream "OH CANADA" I don't know what does. Super cute, love the pom pom.

Matchstick Black Jeans - J. Crew
These are my favourite jeans and my old pair just ripped because of too much love.  The black will be a nice change and I think will pair nicely with my wintertime clothing.

Adirondack Boots - UGG
I have eyed these for years. They look like the perfect combination of cozy and functional. Although they are absolutely on the pricey side I've heard from friends that they are worth it ... I think this year I might finally take the plunge!

Trillium Parka - Canada Goose
I had a goose for seven years. It was the warmest coat I've ever had. I wore it to the ground! Last year I decided to go elsewhere for my winter jacket and totally regretted it. Hands down this was the best coat I've ever had. 

Cashmere Mitts - The Cashmere Shop
These were a gift last year and I must say they are surprisingly warm considering how lightweight they are. This store is also absolutely beautiful.

Turleneck - Splendid
A black turtleneck and jeans is my cold weather uniform. Makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn!

Christie Preston