Luxe Glow Organic Spray Tan

When my friend Brittany told me she was going to start her own beauty business I was thrilled for her! Then she asked me to come try a spray tan and I was part excited part nervous. Before this I'd never had a spray tan. I'd seen them done - my beauty expert sister Lindsay did many in high school. Most of them looked awesome but a few too many left hints of an orange-y glow that kept me from going to try one. 

:: Seriously this tan would take me months to develop under the sun ::

Brittany assured me that technology has improved a lot in the last decade and that I wouldn't look orange at all.

I went over to her beautiful Forest Hill home on a snowy afternoon and came out looking like I'd been to the Bahamas. Four hours later I taught a Bod Squad and everyone was like, "Where did you go? We just saw you on yesterday!" Success!!

The process itself was super simple and really comfortable. Brittany is a lovely person to be around and absolutely knows her stuff. There was a tent set up in her basement and I was given some stick on footsies and a shower cap. You can wear a swimsuit if you want or just underwear or nothing, totally up to you. The entire treatment took about 20 minutes including drying time.  

The tan does look really natural and so far still going strong - 7 days in. I have super sensitive skin and there have been zero side effects because of that. The one thing I will say is the first few hours you will absolutely smell like you've had a spray tan. I showered after 8 hours and the smell was gone but the tan was still on! After the first day the smell completely went away.

I will absolutely check back in with Brittany before we go away over the Christmas break. I've learned the hard way that my skin takes MONTHS to tan and the great news is all of Brittany's products are organic, paraben and cruelty free. I love supporting small businesses, especially by entrepreneurial ladies and I'm looking forward to watching Luxe Glow become a huge success. 

For a full list of her other beauty services and spray tan info check out her website here.

Christie Preston