Lights & Strips

This past week has been big big big – Bod Squad successfully moved indoors – WOO HOO! I'm happy to be settled in for the fall and winter at Totum but that means another eight months before summer comes back! NOOOO! My plan is to hang on to every minute of it – yesterday for example, I rode my bike everywhere, went on a picnic with Matt for dinner and found a great summer dresses on sale (I'll show you soon!). Perhaps my sadness with the end of summer explains my obsession with stripes lately? Here are a few things I'm currently lusting over:

1. Turkish Towels: GOOP. $240 for four. GP I love you, and really if you were selling toilet paper I would probably look into it. These towels triple as scarves, blankets and towels. Maybe that justifies the huge price tag? Hmmm. Throw in a vacation week with them and I'm in!

2. Stripe Bedding: West Elm. $71. LOVE this bedding, so happy we went with it.

3. Sweater: Joe Fresh. $39. Hoping to scope this up soon.

4. Glads. Summerhill Market. $3 a bunch – actually a really good deal! Glads are probably my favourite flowers, but really that changes all the time. I love white, in season flowers. Ever since I worked as a gardener I've been in love with them! Did you know that white flowers last almost twice as long as coloured ones and they smell three times stronger?!

5. Lantern: Anthropologie. $28. Already hanging from our ceiling lights in the condo.

6. Earphones: Rebecca Minkoff. $48. Too cute! And they won't get tangled.

Christie Preston