Gifts for the Gym Bunny

The holidays are upon us and if any of you are looking to get me (or any of your fitness nut friends) a gift here's a good list to get you started!

Stay tuned next week for my gift list for the gym boy bunnies in your life!

Happy weekend everyone!

1. Nike Free 4+: Running shoes are generally a safe bet. We are always looking for more and it's easy to find the right size.

2. Lululemon Workout Bag: This one is really pretty and quite inexpensive. It looks nice and lightweight so it could easily fold up into a locker or be stashed away at the back of a class.

3. KOR ONE Hydration Vessel: One of the most annoying things about a water bottle is constantly losing the caps. This one is attached with a sleek design to boot! You can also personalize the inside of the water bottle so that you know it's yours! Great idea.

4. Lebert Equalizer: A great tool to add some spice to your home workouts. This can be used in so many different ways. And it comes in pink!!

5. Yogamatics Personalized Yoga Mat: If it's good enough for Oprah, then it will work for me! You can add your own photos or text to any mat of your choice. 

6. Adidas by Stella McCartney workout wear: I love her tops because they are a little different and have a little extra va-va-voom. 

7. Prtty Peaushun: Makes your skin look incredible! All over glow, like you've been working out on the beach for hours!

8. Madonna's Hard Candy DVD Series: If my bum can look like Madonna's when I'm 53 then I'll do whatever she tells me. Workout DVDs are always an excellent source of inspiration and also great to have at home for a little extra motivation.

Christie Preston