Top 12 Favourite Beauty Products


1. NARS Blush – Luster: For anyone who is naturally red (me) this is the perfect blush. It’s a soft apricot colour which looks luminous and not rosy.
2. Amazing Costmetics Concealer: This provides the best coverage possible. When I was going through my terrible time with acne I used this everyday. Be careful not to use too much; a little goes a long way.
3. Old Spice Deodorant: Yes, I use men’s deodorant. It works better and I think it smells better! I’ve actually been complemented by men that I smell nice when I’m just wearing this!
4. Go Blonder: Hands down this changed my life as a blonde. My hair was starting to get mousy blonde and I was seriously considering dying my hair for the first time but then I spotted this! It really works. You just have to spray it in and blowdry your hair. You will notice a big difference after a week.
5. Cetaphil: Old faithful. Best face wash ever.
6. Jo Malone – Pomegranate Noir: I love this scent! It’s not too fruity and it has a really rich textured smell.
7. Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer: This is the perfect tinted moisturizer. It provides coverage just like a foundation but it isn’t heavy on the skin.
8. NARS Illuminator – Laguna: I use this instead of a bronzing powder now and I think it looks more natural.
9. Moroccan Oil: This leaves your hair feeling super soft and helps control frizzes. I’ve also tried the less expensive version Argan Oil but I wasn’t wowed.
10. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer: As a personal trainer I am around sweat a lot and therefore I shower at least twice a day. Aveeno is a skin saver. I love this body cream! It’s the perfect fix for winter skin.
11. Clarisonic: This is a giant tooth brush for your face. I use mine once or twice a week (daily is too much for me) and my skin feels soft as a baby’s bottom after.
12. Metrogel: This is a prescription gel. If you suffer from rosacea this will be a lifesaver. It was my miracle gel. You need a tiny bit but it will go a long way toward eliminating redness.

Christie Preston