Vanilla Cupcakes for Two


I'm convinced, it's not what we're eating but how much we're eating that's making us fat.

I notice a common thread between the people I train and interact with on a daily basis. The leanest people I see have a reasonable approach to food. From what I've observed, the more often a person obsesses over eliminating an entire food group or swears to only eat certain things (organic, raw, gluten free, etc.) usually the more likely they are a binge eater – I know I sure was.

In my diet (and therefore binge) heyday my sister received a giant box of cupcakes on her birthday. At the time I wouldn't let myself have one because I was on a cleanse. Three days later the cleanse was over the cupcakes were still there and I ate at least four in one sitting. Lesson learned: celebrate and let yourself live a little bit, it will save you from torturing yourself later and likely overeating. 
My leanest clients have taught me a lot by allowing themselves to splurge here and there but they never binge and they save their splurges for the really good stuff.

One of my most favourite treats is a cupcake. The only problem is most cupcake recipes make 12-24 cupcakes, which is pretty dangerous, especially for me because I live with a boyfriend who is a bit of a closet health nut and won't eat more than one!

This cupcake recipe makes enough for just two servings and they are delicious!

Find the recipe I used here.

P.S. I copied the recipe exactly with one substitution, I use raw organic sugar – it tastes the same as white sugar and it is a bit better for you.